Management – Psychedelia-tinged garage punk that makes heads bob and ears ring. Dangerously loud debut EP out on Polyvinyl Records, June 24th!


Management – A stage-igniting electro-pop power quartet, kicking off 2014 releasing a 7″ single a month for four months as well as a series of nationwide tours.


Publicity – Their debut, Big Machines and Peculiar Beings, evokes the minimalist yet intricate post-punk approach of Wire and Talking Heads with distinct vocals that evoke an emotive Nico. And like many of their punk predecessors, this thunderous trio comes from a fine lineage of artists who formed a band before learning their instruments – to prodigious results.


Creative services – Located in Louisville’s NuLu district, Haymarket is a live music hall and bourbon bar on the Urban Bourbon Trail. Haymarket boasts 100 unique bourbons, 150 whiskeys, 50 craft beers and 7 rotating taps, as well as national and local talent in the music hall.


Publicity – Distilling his many aliases down to simply “Andrew Rinehart,” Sellers is now set to release “Everything (Parts I, II, and III),” his most ambitious work yet.  An album in 3 EP installments, “Everything” highlights Sellers’ chameleon-like talent for genre-hopping: featuring hushed ballads, moody, almost Slint-conjuring story songs, psychedelic drug musings, a 90’s-style alt rock jam, and one country-tinged duet, as a collection it defies characterization.  In turn melancholy and magnanimous, a deft synthesis of all of his previous projects, “Everything” improves on the old while hinting at something new, leaving the listener with only one question: what will Sellers do next?