Andrew Rinehart is the latest moniker from Louisville, KY born and Los Angeles based songwriter Andrew Sellers.  First active musically as a teenager in Louisville’s underground hardcore scene, Sellers’ band Flight Nineteen played regionally with acts like At The Drive In, Avail, and Hot Water Music.  His first solo album “Memories Are Hunting Horns,” released in 2010 under the pseudonym “Saredren Wells”, walked a tightrope between more conventional songwriter fare and the off-kilter world of artists like Daniel Johnston, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and Sufjan Stevens.  Lush and cinematic, one reviewer wrote: “[Memories…”] is a strange and reflective album made by a man who is creating music for the pure fulfillment of artistic creation.  Decidedly uncommercial and real.”

After touring to support “Memories,” Sellers relocated to New York City, eventually co-founding both The Body Actualized Center, a DIY arts space, and the band Splash, whom he toured the US with in the Summer of 2012. Sellers turned his attention back to solo work in 2013, adopting the moniker Rinehart and releasing “The Funeral Home Sessions,” a 3-song EP of covers.

Distilling his many aliases down to simply “Andrew Rinehart,” Sellers is now set to release “Everything (Parts I, II, and III),” his most ambitious work yet.  An album in 3 EP installments, “Everything” highlights Sellers’ chameleon-like talent for genre-hopping: featuring hushed ballads, moody, almost Slint-conjuring story songs, psychedelic drug musings, a 90’s-style alt rock jam, and one country-tinged duet, as a collection it defies characterization.  In turn melancholy and magnanimous, a deft synthesis of all of his previous projects, “Everything” improves on the old while hinting at something new, leaving the listener with only one question: what will Sellers do next?

Everything (Part I) drops digitally on Tuesday, June 10th,, with release shows in Los Angeles, New York, and a host of other cities.