The Debauchees are seemingly old souls with a youthful sneer. At just 20, the three members of The Debauchees have crafted a full-length that feels vintage and modern, classic and new. Their debut, Big Machines and Peculiar Beings, evokes the minimalist yet intricate post-punk approach of Wire, Talking Heads, and Young Marble Giants with distinct vocals that evoke an emotive Nico. And like many of their punk predecessors, this thunderous trio comes from a fine lineage of artists who formed a band before learning their instruments – to prodigious results. Vocalist Sydney Chadwick says “we all learned how to play in an unconventional way so our playing styles became personal and rule-defying.”

The Debauchees are Sydney Chadwick (vocals/guitar), Ashley Bowen (bass), and Cameron Lowe (drums).

“For such a hellish band name, they’re a remarkably restrained group, all under the age of 21, with a taut control over their instruments, in the barbed and bright style of the post-punk revival.” – IMPOSE

“These Marquee Moon-faced kids played an insanely tight set of weird post-punk to a non-official pre-CMJ CMJ party last Monday night. It might have been the best set I saw all weekend” – Dale Eisinger, MySpace.com’s Best of CMJ

“Defying rules is just the kind of stuff you’d expect from a bunch of barely-20-year-olds, but not always with the outcome that these young punks have reached. Their debut album comes full of the sort of indie post-punk playfulness that can only come from a group of youth with no care in the world beyond some damn fun tunes.” – Consequence of Sound

“Strong bass lines, punky-fresh energy, and a vibrant youthful voice filled with a funk soul are just three of the aspects that will make you fall in love with Kentucky trio.” – The 405

“Some noisy, off-kilter, and fem-fronted post-punk from a rock trio known as the Debauchees… Quirky guitar phrasing, tight vocal harmonies, and a pretty playful attitude. Have fun!” – The Needle Drop